One Last Thing (For Now, Anyway) on Possible Reasons for the Death of Regionalism in Literature

Following up on yesterday’s post (and last month’s) on the matter: Dan Chaon, speaking to the Chicago Tribune, suggests that travel and global publishing rights take their toll on the would-be regional writer:

For a long time I thought of myself as a Midwestern writer, and I was partly interested in exploring what Midwestern stories are. As I’ve begun to travel more and sort of begun to publish internationally and so on, I’ve been more interested in trying to write more about the larger world and about the ways in which, as in “Await Your Reply,” these sheltered Midwestern people are connected to larger world, even if they don’t know it or like it.

Social media too: “We’re all aware of it now with Facebook,” Chaon says. “You can see how that six-degrees-of-separation stuff works now.”

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