Squeaking By

Welcome to Little Rock, Arkansas, where the readers are enthusiastic, the fellas are big and lanky, and the shoes are squeaky. Tony Earley, author of the new The Blue Star, his likable sequel to Jim the Boy, read recently at the Arkansas Literary Festival; the Democrat-Gazette picks up the story (click on “print story” to avoid the registration nonsense):

So about midway through Mr. Earley’s reading, a big, lanky fella in the squeakiest shoes we’ve ever heard strolled through a door toward the back. Okay, so he was running late. Happens to the best of us.

Big, lanky fella then squeaked along all the way up to the front row. SQUEAK! Reading. SQUEAK! Reading. SQUEAK!

It was a good thing we’d already read the book, because we certainly couldn’t hear Tony Earley.

Then a cell phone rings….