D.C.-Area Readings: Coming Up and Just Added

The listings below are adapted from my page of upcoming D.C.-area readings; please see that page for addresses, contact information, and full event listings.

Notable Events During the Coming Week

April 25
Sarah Blake, The Postmistress; Dominique Paul, The Possibility of Fireflies (Writer’s Center)

April 26
Anne E. Kornblut, Notes From the Cracked Ceiling (Friendship Heights Village Center, 4433 S. Park Avenue, Chevy Chase; RSVP 301-656-2797)

April 29
Pico Iyer, Video Night in Kathmandu, The Lady and the Monk (National Geographic Society)
Kitty Kelley, Oprah: A Biography (Barnes & Noble Tysons Corner)

April 30
Isabel Allende, Island Beneath the Sea (Washington National Cathedral)
Maria Bartiromo, The 10 Laws of Enduring Success (The Liaison Capitol Hill, 415 New Jersey Avenue NW, via Hooks Book Events)

May 1
David Baldacci, Deliver Us from Evil (Barnes & Noble Tysons Corner)
David Goodwillie, American Subversive (Politics & Prose)

Just Added

May 1
Meredith and Sofie Jacobs, Just Between Us (Borders Rockville)

May 4
Thomas Kaufman, Drink the Tea (Borders Rockville)

May 5
Jeffrey Kaye, Moving Millions (Borders L Street)

May 7
Stephen C. Neff, Justice in Blue and Gray (National Archives)
Nataki Suggs, A Life Beyond Limits (Borders Largo)

May 8
Ernest Burley, Jr., Money Management: Easy as 1, 2, 3 (Borders Largo)

May 11
William Sample, Prelude to Danger (Arlington Public Library)

May 13
Keith Donaldson, Rude Awakenings (Barnes & Noble Arlington)

May 14
Harrine Freeman, How To Get Out of Debt (Borders Largo)

May 15
Austin Camacho, Russian Roulette (Borders Largo)

May 17
Barry Ozeroff, The Dying of Mortimer Post; and Mark Ozeroff, Days of Smoke (Borders Baileys Crossroads)

May 18
Ben Bradlee and Quinn Bradlee, A Life’s Work: Fathers and Sons (National Press Club)

May 20
William Nagy, Invisible Ink: Spycraft of the American Revolution (Arlington Public Library)

May 22
Valencia Campbell, Advice From the Top (Borders Largo)
Roy Howard, April: Confusion in the Aftermath of Aggression (Borders Largo)

May 26
Brian McGinty, John Brown’s Trial (National Archives)

May 27
Ruth Baja Williams, Detour Berlin (Arlington Public Library)

May 28
Rique Johnson, A Dangerous Return (Borders Largo)

May 29
Tessa LaRock, Spidey Legs Lana: Black Widow (Borders Largo)
Irean Shumpert, A Water Way Overflowing With Blessing (Borders Largo)

June 3
Susan Coll, Beach Week (Barnes & Noble Bethesda)

June 5
Samantha Bee, I Know I Am But What Are You? (Borders L Street)

June 12
David Dosa, Making Rounds with Oscar (Borders Tysons Corner)

June 27
Tania James, Atlas of Unknowns; Elisabeth Murawski, Zorba’s Daughter (Writer’s Center)

July 7
Venus Williams, Come to Win: How Sports Can Help You Ace Your Goals and Top Your Profession (Barnes & Noble Downtown)

July 15
Jennifer Weiner, Fly Away Home (Borders Baileys Crossroads)

July 21
Pamela Meyer, Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception (Barnes & Noble Downtown)

August 9
Justin Kramon, Finny (Politics & Prose)

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