Hair Metal Bands: Too Busy to Read

Littoral, the blog of the Key West Literary Seminar, has plenty of coverage to check out from last month’s event: audio of a lecture by Allan Gurganus, photos of Gore Vidal in a good mood, and more quips and reports. I’m especially amused by a comment by Samantha Hunt, who during the KWLS explained the genesis of her 2008 novel about the life of Nikola Tesla, The Invention of Everything Else:

[S]he was at a museum exhibit that included a reference to Alessandro Volta, realized she didn’t know much about him and should look him up when she returned home. But once in front of her computer, she found herself instead looking up Nikola Tesla, the man who invented radio and AC electrical technology and is at the center of her novel. She said she thinks she looked up Tesla because she was thinking of “the 90s hair metal band.” “I actually sent them copies of the book, but never heard back from them,” she said.

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