Jonathan Cape to Publish Lish-Free Carver

British publisher Jonathan Cape is going to give Tess Gallagher what she’s been wishing for—the publication of a set of stories written by her late husband, Raymond Carver, untouched by Gordon Lish‘s heavy editorial hand. The Bookseller reports:

On the release of the original edition Carver dedicated the book to fellow writer and his future wife, Tess Gallagher, and promised he would one day republish his stories at full length. Carver did not fulfil this wish in his lifetime and died, aged only 50, in 1988. Gallagher said: “The publication of Beginners will enable readers to trace Carver’s true trajectory as a writer.”

The book will be published in England in October 2009. I can’t seem to find word on an American version, though presumably one is in the offing.

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