Links: Brat Tacks

Spoiled daughter of world-famous musician starts magazine whose name is taken from a Bret Easton Ellis novel. Rampant horribleness ensues.

In other Brat Pack-related news: Jay McInerney, hugging strangers on the street for all the obvious reasons.

Lots of other writers are excited too, for all the obvious reasons.

The Rake‘s Max Ross proposes a few novels that could be converted into video games. “White Noise: The action is propelled by the protagonist’s nagging, ambiguous fear of death. He has to balance learning German with cowering from the strange toxic cloud that hovers above his city. Final task is to identify where the toxic leak came from, and plug it up.”

RIP John Leonard. There are plenty of tributes making the rounds (New York has a nice one addressing his television criticism). Me, I’m taken with his 2000 essay in the Nation about his experience at the New York Times. It was an era full of backbiting, compromises, officiousness, and embarrassments. But Leonard himself put it best: “Wherever, they always fuck with your copy.”

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