Big-City Reissues

Richard Price‘s 1992 novel Clockers, about which I’ll be shutting up any day now, is getting reissued on March 10. Interestingly, Tom Wolfe‘s 1987 novel Bonfire of the Vanities will be reissued the same day. When Clockers came out it was often compared to Wolfe’s big New York novel, which seems a little odd, now; its perspective and attitude couldn’t be more different. But Price told me the book did get him feeling competitive:

[W]hen Bonfire of the Vanities came out, and I read it, it made me crazy, because I felt like, “I want to go back to writing books.” Not that I wanted write like Tom Wolfe. But he was writing about the kind of things that I wanted to write about and hadn’t written about in so long. The book itself made me nuts, made me want to write.

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