Chris Offutt’s Third Way

The Macon (Ga.) Telegraph has a story on Chris Offutt, who, like a lot of novelists, has a teaching gig–in his case, at Mercer University. Thing is, he’d almost escaped the world of low-paying adjunctery; after unsuccessfully pitching a show about country singers, he landed a job writing for HBO’s vampire drama, True Blood. Then the strike hit:

“I got my big break in September and moved to Hollywood for a six-month job,” said Offutt, who is from Kentucky. “I was able to write one episode before the strike. Then I went back to Iowa. I began working on a book of stories again and a novel.

“(The strike) opened up the opportunity to come to Mercer, so I cleared it with my boss. The strike will probably end before the Oscars, so by the time I’ll go back out there, nothing will conflict with my teaching.”

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