Trailer Park

I’ve groused before about book trailers, I know, but the one for Stephen King‘s new novel, Duma Key, leads me to ask the same questions. There are two of them floating around on YouTube, and together they haven’t added up to 1,500 views in a week, 1,400 of which come from the one on CBS’s YouTube channel. If these things can’t attract the attention of an author who sells millions, what good does it do for the garden-variety novelist?

Perhaps the subject matters more than the notoriety of the author. Naomi Klein clearly captured the attention of the netroots in the video for her most recent book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, which has been viewed more than 450,000 times in four months. A top-shelf director helps too. This one was directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who also made the unsettling dystopian tale Children of Men:

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